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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vintage Dresses 1

Vintage Fashion

When a lot of people think vintage they think
"Macys, big, flashy, jemstones, fake diamonds."
Well I'm going to show you a different side.
Ebay is a tough find, but sometimes you can find some cute stuff. Like these:

Im actually very impressed that I found this.
Its a 1970's polka dot sun dress, unfortunatly there is only 52 minutes left on the timer,
but this is just showing you that ebay can be a vintage gold mine !

www.LAvintage.com is probably my favorite vintage site in the world. Here are some of my lovely finds:

This is a flower bud dress from the '90's, priced at $54. I adore this dress,
paired with doc martins or black high tops, Leather or Jean jacket.
This dress would look adorable.
Hair wise, curled with big flowers. You have the vintage look down!

This is a boat water color dress from the 1950's, priced at $58.
Its cute and curvy and easy to pull off,
wearing it with this funky hat gives it something extra,
maybe adding a leather/ denim jacket (like the previous dress) at would really spice it up.
And wedges are definiatly the way to go.

This is the perfect little cocktail dress - I didn't like the shoes paired with this.
But imagine bright stilettos or high heels.
Its a Comedy Tragedy Dress from the 1980's, priced at $67.
Cute for any nights out at a restaurant with friends, or a cute date.

More soon,
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