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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

India Photography

Capture the Moment - India Style
All photos taken by Alice H (Me)

So basically I took a trip to India a few weeks ago, and I decided to do a series of blogs based on the photos I took, also writing about my experience.

So my trip was spilt into three parts over a course of around 6 days. I went to New Delhi, then Bangalore then Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. Here are a few photos(trust me only a few!) from Thiruvananthapuram. 

Basically I was shown around by this other western family who used to live in Idaho before moving to India for a few months. There were two girls , one around 7 and one around 11. Probably some of the nicest people I've met ! Any way they took me to the Taj hotel and we rode to the restaurant on the back of a golf cart. Terrifying! I took this photo whilst we were moving, pretty hard job to do !

They were showing me some of the beaches there, and I loved the effect of the ripped netting clashing with the cool blue sea. 

I think this photo looks more like it was taken on Lake Michigan ! But we took a walk along a bridge and this view was stunning ! 

This was again on another beach. Im not sure what day of the week this was but I do remember that it was all the sailors day off. So they were all playing card games in the hut you see in the far left corner of this photo. This photo is actually somebody's house. That amazed me.

The boats that the sailors use.

I took this photo during the more busy part of Thiruvananthapuram, these elephants are actually fake ! But there trunks move and the fake people on top dance, it honestly scared the crap out of me !!

We visited a famous temple and if you look you can see the man is bathing is "holy water". The place was packed as it was the Kerala new year that day. I love this picture.

This is a picture of the famous temple that I was talking about before, this is just a different side and is less busy !

I absolutely adore this photo. It shows the truth about India, everywhere we went there we men looking just like this working in the sand in boiling hot heat (110°). A lot with no water, looking like they were about to collapse. I felt dreadful... I really wished I could of helped. It also shows the globalization of India. Looking in the background you see a modern car and a tradition Indian taxi. The nation is developing fast. 

Here is another one of my favorites, the guy was a bit miffed off that I was taking photos of him, oh well. I love this photo. 

The taj restauraunt we went to was right on the beach, so I decided to take photos of the arabian sea. It was so bright and beautiful, loved it !!

I'll post my next India blog soon!
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p.s - Im really sorry but my uploader is dreadful and keeps leaving huge holes of whiteness inbetween my photos. I dont know how to fix it .

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  1. loving it!!!


  2. This part of India is lovely!

    I went to Bangalore when I was about 7 or 9... My brother and I got sick the whole time we were there =(

    Giraffes modeling,

  3. lovable. these photos are astonishing!
    you know what, looking at the lake, i remembered the movie, nah what is the title,
    i think it's lake placid, which the crocodile's name is gustav. but totally you're just one more step to the proffesionals!

  4. Wow these are LOVELY photos!!! I love the one with the elephants.

  5. wow, that looks amazing - soo jealous :)
    gem xx

  6. ahh such beautiful pictures! makes me want to go to India. :)

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  9. These photos are absolutely amazing! What an adventure!

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