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Monday, July 5, 2010

Oldie. San Fran Baby.

Oldie. San Fran Baby.
Capture the Moment. 

So I am currently spending all day at the beach... then rehearsing for my play... then beach again... Basically taking photo's is pretty much impossible. So I was looking threw my handy iPhoto and I found some old photos from a family vacation to San Francisco... it was a few years ago but anyway here they are:


Such a cool water fountain... the middle pieces moved but so did the water so your eyes became very confused!

Stunning views from our house... you see that beige building in the distance ? Well that's San Quentin... you know .. the HUGE prison? Well we didn't know.  So we decided to go visit it to see what it was... me being me thought it was Alcatraz... my family thought it was a state building or an art gallery. Well we pulled up... nope it was not an art gallery put San Quentin... woopies

Alcatraz !
We visited Napa Valley... which is really beautiful.. it has a french feel with an American twist.


I don't really celebrate it but I had a great one anyway !
Hope you guys had a fab time !!

Back to theater all week... my shows on thursday so its all day rehearsals for me !!

Stay Safe Cuties,
Alice H


  1. It must be weird to have a prison just across the road. Napa Valley looks a little bit European indeed

  2. lovely shoots :)

  3. GOSH!!!
    really gorgeous..wanna visit that place someday
    great shoot..luv it ^^

    anyway tks for leave comment in my blog..
    im such a follower now^^


    hug and kiss^^

  4. We are very similar! I'll be following you now! And I love San Fran, such a great city. Those shots are beautiful!

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!! And welcome as a follower! Hope I can inspire you! I think you can inspire me, so I will follow you back. See you around!

  6. San Francisco is a lovely place. I can totally understand why someone would leave their heart there. Hehe! ;)

    ♥ Teresa ♥


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