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Friday, June 11, 2010

Evanston Days

Capture The Moment - Evanston Days

So me and one of my friends, Emma, decided to go to a near by town, Evanston and check out the stores, restaurant and everything else. I've been to Evanston plenty of times but I decided to take photos.


We ate at this AMAZING place named Red Mango, this flavor is Tangomonium topped with strawberry and chocolate- yummy !


I love this tutu... American Apparel is the funnest place in the world clothing wise ! You can go crazy ! This is a black belly shirt paired with a silk white tutu.

Back to my shoe obsession !! All the shoe, all the other photos are also from urban outfitters ! Love this store !


We were searching for some kind of thrift store in which we could find cute clothes for a bargain, well we found this great place in which you can sell your clothes and then buy new ones !! We found coach purses for $20! And free people jeans for $16 !! It was brilliant !! The name of the place was Crossroads Trading Co. Be sure to check it out ! Here are some of our finds:

There is an adorable quaint alley names Bookman's Alley, down this alley is an old bookstore and paint store. Its very cute ! We also found a tarot reader ! My friend brought a great hat (unfortunately we found the same hat for half the price later!) And a store that sold really nice scarf's from India ! All these are photographed below:

Hope you enjoyed the post ! I'm going to do another India one next... I've been a bit lazy and not blogging as much but I do check comments and followers everyday ! So be sure to leave comments and follow ! I love reading them and getting new followers !

Here are the websites from the places I visited:

Red Mango: http://www.redmangousa.com/default.html
American Apparel: http://store.americanapparel.net/
Crossroads Trading Co.: http://www.crossroadstrading.com/cm/Home.html
Urban Outfitters: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/index.jsp
Bookman's Alley: http://evanstonillinois.net/booksmansalley.html

Hope you visit some of these places !!

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  1. Lovely photos!! Sounds like a fun day. I love the skirt and that ice cream/frozen yogurt looks so good! :) xoxo

  2. Nice photos! The skirt is cuttteee! and love hello kitty! adorable! <3

  3. beautiful photos!

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    Betty Manousos

  6. Beautiful photos! Love your blog and your style! thanks for your comment on my blog :) & Im now following yours :)


  7. that tutu skirt is too die for! thanks for stopping by my blog...im now following! =)

  8. that looks like a great day:) And all the things are so pretty and cute :)

  9. Beautiful pictures.

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  10. Oh wow those are awesome buys/prices!!! Great photos as well! :D

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  12. i love all your finds. so cute. :) especially the white tutu.

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  14. That thrift store looks so cool!
    And I looooove American Apparel, wish I could afford to shop in there more often :(

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  15. Looks like a fun day, that thrift store looks great! Awesome blog, I'm following!


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