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Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Week Of Summer Photos && Winner of the Give Away !

First Week Of Summer
All Photos Taken by Alice H (Me!)

Going for a spy theme here: (Sorry for the bad quality - my camera broke and I had to use photobooth !)

The other day I did a mini photoshoot with my friend Charlotte; here are some of the results. (Photo credit goes to my friend charlotte; her blog: dontacceptlimits.blogspot.com)

Weirdly a lot of the theme in this is Alice in Wonderland type photos. Also my obsession with shoes are also covered in this post. My friend found these shoes in a garage sale, originally from Germany !
Love them. The spy photos from the top are kind of a slick spy operation feel... mostly because of the black leather gloves. Talking about boots I found this great pair at lavintage.com ,  from the '80's and I am slightly in love with them.
Right now I am watching (500) Days of Summer. Its such a cute adorable movie, the main character (Summer), is played by Zooey Deschanel. She is a brilliant actress and the way she plays Summer is brilliant. The band, The Smiths is also featured. I looove this band !! My favorite song by them is definitely unloveable. I also love Vampire Weekend, Pheonix, all those Indie type bands.
Well I got to be going, my favorite part of the movie is noww !

Winner Of The Giveaway
So as my blogger wasn't working earlier here are the results of the giveaway.
The scarf and perfume go to.....


A coincidence we share the same name !! Congrats honey!! Your gift will be arriving shortly !

Alice H

p.s - be sure to check out this ultra cool giveaway : http://makeupbykim-porter.com/2010/06/review-corioliss-pro-ceramic-flatiron-giveaway/#comments

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  1. Wow, I love your summer photos!! :) xoxo

  2. This blog is amazing!!!!!!


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  4. Such GORGEOUS photos!!
    Such a fairytale feeling.
    I LOVE your shoes.

    Haha, and when you said 500 days of summer I thought of the movie I'll always know what you did last summer. Have you watched it? Mu parents say it's trash. I was kind of disappointed but the movie was quite fun.

    Happy Monday,

  5. Hi there...just finish browsing through your blog. Nice pictures. Love the shot on the legs. It has some kind of feel to it...=) Keep it up!

  6. love the images of the shoes

  7. somebody will definitely be happy with that scarf. Love the shoes. Great header.

  8. I love these pictures! Come take some pictures of us? ;)

    500 days of summer is SUCH a great film! LOVE Joseph Gordon-Levitt <3

    Thanks for the comment! :)



  9. Awesome photo! Gorgeous post....love the shoes!!!

  10. somehow, it does have some alice in wonderland atmosphere

    your pics are all lovely and so cool
    i wish i could take pictures like that! LOL

    of course i followed you, dear
    care to follow back? ;)

  11. Love these photos... so fun. And I love the detail shots of your shoes. xoxo

  12. Lovely photos! :) and those shoes are nooooice!

  13. i love your shoes!

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :],
    .a little princess.

  14. I love your shoes. Cool pictures!
    500 Days of Summer is one of my fav movie.
    Anyway, I already follow you back.

  15. Thanks for stopping by :) loved the pictures :) definitely will be back for more :)

  16. lovely photos! and congratulations to the winner!
    aw, i love the jump photos.

  17. Love the photos.
    It's really hard to pick my favourite


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