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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

India Photography Part 2

Capture the Moment - India Style.

So Im lazy and I havent been bothered to do one of my India blogs lately ! So here one is.

So basically I showed you some photos last time of Kerala, and here are a few more. 

So there is something highly wrong with my computer, and it wont allow me to comment under my photos. So I have to talk about them here at the bottom !
Well basically I went with my father on his business trip, as you might be able to tell by the photo of wine glass (with water in!). You can see in the background blackberry's and laptops ! This is from when we ate lunch with his colleagues. So I was overall amazed by the culture and religion and the differences between the states and India. One thing that really struck me was the poverty and the lives that the kids there have to leave. Orphans on the streets, no food , no drink, alone. Working for hours. In Kerala there wasn't much but as I move onto later blogs you can really see. Also not alone children , mothers with young kids trying to provide, the elderly. There are hundreds of great websites you can go to if you want to help out the people in developing countries. One is http://www.foodrelief.org/ . Basically they help children around the world, by giving them a meal, or a few toys. If you look at the photos they can be really touching. 

My favorite website is 


With this website you lend money to people to help them start there business. If you click the button "Lend" You can see all the people that really need a boost to help start. These loans can be anything from $25 to $100. 

Sorry to go on and on about charities but it is something that is really close to my heart and any little amount can help!

Stay tuned for more photos, 
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P.S - I was recently browsing around blogs and I found this great one,


Its adorable and I am totally in love with her posts !
Be sure to check out this blog when you have time !!


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